At PVPERZ we want you to respect the staff and your players but we also want you to play the game and report any glitch or bug you encounter. If you know anyone that is abusing or cheating we would like you to properly report them and we will take care of it. Anything that seems dodgy to us; may it be insults, racism, bug abuse, general abuse or spam will be awarded with the proper punishment which may vary from a kick to a permanent account ban!

You can report players for breaking any of the rules below on either the forums or by sending a ticket via the website. Please inlude a screenshot so we have proof of the violation. Be aware that GM's have the right to whatever punishment they see fit to a player at any time based on what they see ingame. (Exploiting, Violation, Ignoring Warnings, Global Flame)

1. No Multiclient is allowed in Capture The Flag, Battle Arena or Fortress War, temporary to permanent ban for this.

2. Making fakename accounts of other players or staff will result in a permanent ban.

3. Exploiting or trying to exploit any of the ingame systems will result in a permanent ban.

4. Selling/Buying Gold, Items, Silk or anything else from PVPERZ for real money is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

5. Trading items between servers is not allowed, please dont mention any other servers in global or allchat.

6. 24/7 botting at Unique Spawns is not allowed, please be fair and give everyone a chance.

7. Outside buffing is not allowed. All players in the party must be in the same status.PvP for example.

Warning - Temporary ban for this.



FW - Jangan Fortresses Enabled 2x per week.
CTF - Collect some coins to exchange for items.
ARENA - Collect arena coins to get [Set/acc's/weapon...etc].

- Special Arabian Unique Arena with Uniques like Khulood, Giant Demon and Theif Boss Kalia.
- Special automatic title system that is reset weekly for our kings.
- Custom quests.
- Special CTF and Title NPC for unique rewards .
- Special Title Scrolls from Events.
- Over 70 new Pickpets, Mount Pets and Attack Pets added, soon to have unique skills and more.
- Special chinese skill balance buff to make the europe and chinese races much more balanced.
- New Scrolls.
- All the latest avatars and variations, all new items located at the PVPERZ NPC's in Jangan Town.
- STR based uniques.